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  1. Tanya2000 Jul 27, 2016

    Thanks for your fav my art:
    Adlet_Rokka no Yuusha and Sarah Crewe - Alise ver
    I'm glad you liked it drawings :3

  2. ndox900 May 17, 2016

    another big thank you for the +fav :]

  3. ndox900 Oct 25, 2015

    big thank you again for the +fav :]

  4. DOOOODY Aug 30, 2015

    Thanks for the fav :)

  5. Huesin Administrator Aug 14, 2015

    Quote by SamB Thank you very much for your fav :)

    You're very welcome!
    I'm a leo, and I've watched Saint Seiya a lot when I was a kid, lol :)

  6. HaouJudai6 Aug 10, 2015

    Your welcome.

  7. myri-chan Aug 05, 2015

    Quote by SamBthank you for your fav

    you're welcome :)

  8. HaouJudai6 Aug 03, 2015

    Your quite welcome.

  9. myri-chan Jul 29, 2015

    Quote by SamBThank you very much for your fav on my work :)

    you're very welcome SamB :)

  10. SilverCat-sama Jul 29, 2015

    Quote by SamB Thank you very much for your comment and fav on my work about Gold Saint. And yeah, I've already created a wall about Camus of Aquarius (you could see it on my gallery) and I think I will create more gold saint version and my next work probably will be on Milo of Scorpio. :)

    See you...


    Yes. I already faved ur Camus at July 2014^^.
    Great! I'll be waiting! :D especially Sagittarius Aiolos. Bcoz I just love his golden wing. Even though my own zodiac is Pisces, Aiolos (Sisyphus-from Saint Seiya TLC) is way cooler! *grin*
    But personally, I love all Gold saints. Even the bad ones.

  11. hitsu-chan Jul 27, 2015

    Thank you for your fav ! <3
    Natural Charm by hitsu-chan
    Natural Charm by hitsu-chan

  12. ndox900 Jul 23, 2015

    big thank you again for the +fav :]

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